2 Dead, gunman injured in Olive Street shooting in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Two people are dead, and the gunman was injured on Sunday morning after gunfire rang out in South Bend.

It was a wild 12 hours on the West Side. Officers were at the scene on Olive Street.

The suspect killed two and threatened officers before police shot him.

Olive Street is back open for traffic.

Metro Homicide went home for the night, but they will be back out here Monday morning to collect evidence inside the house.

Police guarded the home all night.

“It is crazy over here, because you know bullets ain’t got no names on them," said Olive Street neighbor Deneca Terry.

Terry is fed up with bullets flying through her neighborhood.

“I ain’t used to it. I ain’t never going to be used to it," said Terry.

The latest shots were fired just this morning on Olive Street. Police said an armed man walked into a home, shot the man living there, then went outside and shot another neighbor.

“We had a shots fired call and then we had a victim that had been shot," said South Bend Police Department Division Chief Gary Horvath.

Police arrived two minutes later, but it was too late. Both neighbors were dead. Then the gunman started firing rounds at officers.

“Officers did return fire in response to this threat," said Horvath.

Police hit the suspect several times. He was in serious condition and had to be transported to Memorial Hospital. He underwent surgery on Sunday afternoon.

No officers were hurt during the shoot out.

“Thank God they weren’t. It was very scary for officers," said Horvath.

Terry said she is impressed with how fast police got to the scene, but she would like to see them working to prevent violence like this from happening on the West Side in the first place.

“We just need to cut down on the crime period. We need more police to cut down on the crime," said Terry.

Police have not said why the gunman went into the house and started shooting in the first place.

Names of the victims are expected to be released on Monday.

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