2007-2008 Honda Odysseys recalled

TORRANCE, Calif. -- Honda is recalling 2007 and 2008 Odysseys because of an error in the Vehicle Stability Assist software. The company says the VSA system could apply the brakes unexpectedly.

The company says an updated yaw sensor will be installed to fix the problem, but it won't be available until the spring of 2014.

The company plans to notify owners of the recall and how they can start their vehicle to, "help ensure proper VSA system calibration."

When the new sensors are available, the company will notify owners and instruct them to take their vehicle to their Honda dealer for the free repair.

You can get the instructions on how to start your vehicle here

You can also visit the Honda recall website and in December, you can call 800-999-1009, select option 4, to find out if their vehicle is included in the recall.


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