2017 graduates walk halls of elementary schools


High school seniors from all over South Bend visited several local elementary schools for graduations walks Tuesday, May 30th.

The soon-to-be graduates walked through the hallways dressed in their cap and gowns as the younger students clapped and cheered them on.

The seniors were given the opportunity to show off their accomplishments at 22 different schools. Elementary school officials believe it gives the younger students something to eventually look forward to.

The Principal, Jesus Pedraza, of McKinley Primary Center said, “To our students at McKinley it gives them hope that someday they too will be accomplishing the goal of graduating from high school and hopefully move on to going to college or other things, maybe the military, or into the work force, it's something where they can see this is achievable, if they did it, we can do it also.”

The graduation walks were all part of the Best Week Ever celebration in South Bend this week.

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