2020 early voting numbers double 2016 numbers

NOW: 2020 early voting numbers double 2016 numbers

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Voters in St. Joseph County, breaking records and making history.

Since the start of early voting on October 6, steady lines of folks have come out day-by-day to submit their early ballot.

Compared to the total number of people who came out to vote in the general election in 2016, St. Joe County has seen nearly double that amount during early voting alone.

“I am just amazed in terms of the number of our citizens who have turn out to participate in the political process in terms of ensuring that their voices are heard and most importantly their vote,” South Bend Common Council President Karen L. White said.

Rain or shine, long or short lines, early voters said nothing was going to stop them waiting to make their voices heard, and they’re actually happy about the longer lines because that means other people are on the same page.

“It makes me feel so good that people are out here, they care about this town, the city and they’re voting. It’s beautiful,” early voter Beverly Peevles said. “We’re in line with people we don’t know, we’re making friends like everyone is getting along. This is how it should be.”

With Election Day just a day away tensions are high.

St. Joe County leaders, praising folks for doing their civic duty but also asking everyone to be patient, while gathering results may take some time.

“It’s incredible I mean every-time, we want people to vote. It’s imperative for people to exercise this right...but what will follow up to that is please be patient,” St. Joseph County Commissioners President Andy Kostielney said.

"So we encourage that no matter who you’re supporting tomorrow, that we encourage everyone to go out and vote and have their voice heard and then we encourage everyone to be patient as we wait for those voices to be heard and those ballots to be counted,” South Bend Mayor James Mueller said.

Voters said that no matter how long it takes to hear results that every vote counts this election.

“Nationally this is so important to vote, it doesn’t even matter, just vote. Get out there and vote. Your voice is so important so, all of our voices are so important,” Peevles said.

42 polling places are spread out in St. Joe County for voters for Election Day, November 3.

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