Seniors in Niles delivered their 2020 yard signs

NOW: Seniors in Niles delivered their 2020 yard signs

NILES, Mich. – In lieu of a graduation ceremony, the 2020 seniors of Niles Cedar Lane were visited by school staffers who delivered them their 2020 yard signs and brought them balloons and candy!

The seniors also got to take pictures with the Principal of Niles Cedar Lane, Josh Fonash.

Although there will not be an in-person graduation, an online ceremony will be posted to the school’s website.

15 seniors from the Niles WAY program were also included in Wednesday’s celebration in addition to the 22 graduates of the Niles Cedar Lane 2020 class of seniors.

Fonash told ABC57 that the decision to deliver 2020 yard signs was a way of celebrating their seniors who will not have an in-person graduation.

“We need to celebrate them in some way and we all miss each other,” Fonash said. “We miss having them in the building, we miss seeing them every day, we miss having had those last couple months with them.”

Fonash also said that he wants his seniors to feel recognized.

“They hung in there, they persevered, and now they’re graduating with college credit and dual Roman credit,” Fonash added. “So it’s quite a testament to their own perseverance and the support they’ve gotten at home and the amazing staff that we have here.”

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