2040 Comprehensive Plan in New Carlisle

NEW CARLISE, Ind. - New Carlisle is in the midst of a $3.5 billion project, bringing a General Motors/Samsung electric vehicle plant to the Indiana enterprise center.

Town leaders worked on updating their 2040 Comprehensive Plan, Tuesday, to help address housing developments, potential business locations and get input from the public on what they want to see for the future of New Carlisle.

One resident, Dan Caruso, who moved to the area 20 years ago, is concerned about potential temporary housing for the influx of workers expected at the EV plant.

“If the temporary housing is for the folks who are doing the construction process, I can accept that," he said. "I don't want the temporary housing to be for people who are working inside the facilities once they're done."

Marcy Kauffman, the President of New Carlisle's town council, says incorporating feedback is crucial, especially with big projects like the GM battery plant.

“It makes it even more important for New Carlisle to focus on how’d they’d like to see the town grow and withstand all these changes,” said Kauffman.

The St. Joseph County Redevelopment Commision held a meeting to discuss economic development in the area.

While the county is excited about new projects like the GM plant, Bill Schalliol, the county's Executive Director of Economic Development says there shouldn't be any concerns about how it'll all be paid for.

“We’re setting the stage [...] to sell a bond after the first of the year to help pay for improvements for the General Motors project, as well as other projects out in the IEC,” said Schalliol.

The county says they need to expand the economic development area by 1,500 acres to secure the bond financing.

Along with that, there’s also a need for utility improvements in the area including road upgrades and water hookups.

"They're looking to get the city water hooked into that area," said Caruso. "They have to run the pipes from Larrison Road over into the area where they're putting the battery plant."

To take part in New Carlisle's Comprehensive Plan visit their website. 

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