3-Year-old released from the hospital after getting hit with a baseball bat

ELKHART, Ind. - The 3-year-old that was injured after getting hit by a baseball bat Sunday afternoon has been released from the hospital.

Ozjhaeonica Shorter, 3, was accidentally hit by a baseball bat during a massive fight at 6th and Marion around 3:30 p.m.

Elkhart City Police said that there were 20-30 people fighting.

Gun shots were also fired off during the argument but no one was shot.

The mother of Shorter, Veronica Shorter told ABC 57 News that someone threw a bat up in the air and it fell hitting her daughter.

"I just kind of hate, I did it, as being the mother and my child just an innocent bystander just got hit," Shorter said. "I'm upset, angry, the whole 9-yards."

Officers say shots were fired, but it appears at this time that no one was shot.

Dispatchers said it appears the child was simply at the wrong place when she was accidentally hit.


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