$30K of equipment stolen from roofing company

A construction company said $30,000 worth of equipment was stolen from the roof of LaVille High School Monday night or early Tuesday morning. 

Principal Nathan McKeand said this summer the school is getting commercial improvement done.

McKeand said, “This summer we’re replacing most of the roof on the junior-senior high school.”

Tuesday morning when roofing crews got to the job site, they noticed their equipment was gone. 

Jeffery Acton said, “Devastated, we were just frustrated, there’s nothing worse than showing up to a job site and all your equipment is just gone.”

Acton is the Vice President of Millwood Construction. He said Morris and Sons Inc. is an extension of the company. Acton said they have insurance, but it might not cover the total cost. 

Acton said, “Several of the owners and the foreman you see on the job site are Amish. They’re very forgiving faith-based community. And they feel sorry for the guys who committed a theft.”

Acton said it would be great if someone came up with the stolen items. 

Acton said, “And they have families to feed, and mortgages to pay like everybody else.”

Acton said saws, leaf blowers, and generators were among the things taken.

Acton said, “That hurts you and hits the bottom line pretty hard.”   

Crime Stoppers offers rewards for any information that leads to an arrest following a felony. 

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