43 people are off Ebola watch list in US, over 200 still on the list

A milestone was hit for dozens of people that came into contact with Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan before he was hospitalized are being monitored for possible Ebola symptoms.  The 43 people, including eight students, were taken off the watch list Monday.

The children were able to return to school on Monday as well.

“These kids have been through a lot. They should be embraced, and they should be welcomed,” says ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Richard Besser. 

The 21 day quarantine of the four people who lived with Duncan, including his fiancée Louise Troh, is over.

Troh released a statement saying they are grateful to be healthy and that “our hearts also go out to the two brave women who have been infected by this terrible disease as they were trying to help” Duncan.

Infected nurse Nina Pham is battling Ebola in isolation in Maryland, while her colleague Amber Vinson is in stable condition in Atlanta.

Vinson has hired an attorney to defend her reputation after concerns sparked by news that she flew from Dallas to Cleveland and back the day before she was diagnosed.

“Amber Vinson did nothing wrong. That was a mistake, and that caused her problems. It caused panic in our community,” says Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

As a precaution, over 150 people in Ohio are watching for symptoms, including three who are quarantined.

In Dallas, there are 70 health care workers being monitored that cared for Duncan. Everyone will be off the list by November 7th.
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