57 Minute Miracle: Downtown St. Joseph, Michigan

It's time once again for 57 Minute Miracle! Meteorologist Maci Tetrick has already made four miracles happen this holiday season, and she is going for a fifth as the conclusion to this year's series.

For the last 57 Minute Miracle this year, Maci is in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan, to see if she can make a miracle happen for someone nearby. 

How does this series work? Maci approaches people, at random, and asks them if they can think of anyone else in need of a holiday miracle. If the first person can get us to the person they're thinking of in 57 minutes or less, Maci can give them a miracle of $570.

Just like normal, it took a few tries of asking random people if they knew of anyone in need.

Finally, Maci met two co-workers, who can think of a woman who could use a bit of holiday cheer.

The question is, can they get to her before the 57 minute timer ends?

Watch all the 57 Minute Miracles from this year and years past on our website

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