57 Minute Miracle heads to the Streamliner in Rochester

ROCHESTER, Ind. – ABC 57 is kicking off 57 Minute Miracle 2017 in Rochester. The team visits a family-owned restaurant, The Streamliner, where they have 57 minutes to give out $570 to one deserving recipient.

The Streamliner has been a hub in the small city of Rochester since 1939, with regulars walking through the doors every day, and generations of families signing on to work.

When asked who deserves a miracle before the holidays, owner Gloria Calhoun immediately knew who she wanted to pick.

“I have someone that works for me…Well, her family has been going through some really rough times. Her husband has kidney failure and is waiting to be put on a transplant list, and they’ve really had some struggles,” said Calhoun.

In less than 57 seconds, Calhoun was able to find her employee, Diana Gilbert.

Gilbert immediately burst into tears when she was told that her miracle was $570.

“It’s been a rough year. A really rough year for her and her family,” said Calhoun.

“A year ago, my husband had high blood pressure and didn’t know it and it caused him to have kidney failure, and he’s now on dialysis, and as we speak he’s in the Fort Wayne hospital right now looking at a third surgery,” said Gilbert.

She says her husband is a veteran and a plumber, so he’s not used to being out of work.

“He was a really hard worker, and it’s really hard for him to not work right now. He’s on disability because of all this. And my kids, they go to here at Rochester. I have an eighth grader and a freshman. Boy and a girl. They’re awesome,” said Gilbert.

Her employer, Gloria, says that Gilbert has been amazing throughout the whole ordeal.

“To deal with the public and do an awesome job that she does, I don’t know that over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever had someone that’s been as strong as she is,” she said. “And I think she’s just one of those people that deserves a miracle. There’s no other way to put it.”

Diana says she plans to put that money toward bills and gas money, and running back and forth to the hospital.

Even with the burden of bills slightly lifted, she says it’s the thought that matters most.

“It means everything. I’ve never had anybody help me so much. It’s beyond words,” said Diana.

Diana says she was able to bring her husband home this past Friday—and he, too, was overwhelmed by the surprise.

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