57 Minute Miracle in Benton Harbor: Outside of City Hall

For our fifth and final 57 Minute Miracle, we’re heading to Benton Harbor. We meet a woman coming out of City Hall who agrees to help us out.

Beulah Wade leads us to her sister-in-law’s house, just around the corner from City Hall.

Her sister-in-law, Mae Wade, lost her husband two years ago and has since been struggling to pay her bills on her own.

Mae was at a loss for words when we first surprised her but then couldn’t stop saying thank you.

“Well like I say, this is my first time ever something like this happened to me, that’s why I’m like what? I got to pay this back. With what?” asked Mae.

I told her all she had to do was tell us her story—and give us a smile—so that’s what she and Beulah did.

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