57 Minute Miracle in Knox: Meeting our Miracle Maker

Sunday, ABC 57 News kicked off our three days of 57 Minute Miracles. There are four more to go.

The mission is simple; find someone who knows someone else who needs a miracle. We then have just 57 minutes to get that deserving person $570. 

Monday, we took to Knox for miracle number two. 

Our Knox miracle maker is firefighter Steve Barndt. When his chief called him, he had no idea he was going to have the chance to make a miracle happen.

We ask him if he knows anyone who could use a miracle. He had to think hard, but he named his neighbor, Andrea Brown. 

“Her husband passed away. He was a very nice man. Good person, and he could really use it, or she could really use it, and her daughter, teenage daughter, so,” said Barndt. 

We set the timer and took off for the library where Andrea works. 

Click here to see if we found Andrea in time. 

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