57 Minute Miracle in Knox: Racing against the clock

ABC 57 continued our journey to make our second 57 Minute Miracle happen in Knox Monday. 

This miracle proved a little harder to make happen than the first one. Luckily, miracle maker Steve Barndt wouldn't let us give up.

We followed Barndt in his fire truck to library where Andrea Bown works, but she wasn’t there. So we took a trip to her house; not there either. 

Barndt gives Andrea a call, “Andrea? Hello? Hey, this is Steve Barndt. Are you home? Are you nearby?  How close are you to Knox? Okay, well I need you to come here to your house if you could. Well, I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

Andrea was about 45 minutes away in Valparaiso but she rushes home for a surprise she won’t want to miss. 

To find out if Andrea makes it home in time for her miracle, click here

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