#57SummerHotSpots: Tippecanoe Place

#57SummerHotSpots: Tippecanoe Place

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-“Tippecanoe Place has a really creative niche in terms of creativity of what we can do with our beautiful grounds and space here within the historic mansion,” said Aaron Smith, Assistant Manager at Tippecanoe Place Restaurant.

Take a walk through history and sit down in a themed dining room for an exquisite meal.

Since the 1800’s, Tippecanoe Place has been inviting you to “be their guest.”

“The restaurant has been here since 1980 but of course the Studebaker mansion and the Studebaker legacy goes far beyond that,” Smith said. “The Studebakers had lived here during the 1800’s all the way into the early 1900’s,” Smith said.

The restaurant’s original owners invested more than $2 million to restore the mansion and transform it into a dining space, keeping most of its original design.

”We’re surrounded by history and the Studebaker’s built this mansion to entertain guests with a wide open floor plan and essentially today we’re continuing that tradition with dining,” Smith said.

They’re continuing that tradition by implementing next level entertainment in every room and every corner of the mansion like weddings, champagne tastings and their Murder Mystery dinners.

Just last summer, they opened two escape rooms and they continue to sell out.

“It feels like you’re in a movie,” said Matt Herm, Owner of Outsmart Escape Rooms.

“This is just a great fit,” Herm said. “I feel like it enhances that experience it makes it more of a night out pairing it with dinner or lunch, you don’t get to walk inside an old mansion often,” Herm said.

Pictures on the walls serve as a reminder to the staff to continue to share the Studebaker legacy with Michiana and beyond.

“We hope that it maintains that tradition like it has been for over 100 years since the Studebakers all the way up to when we opened in 1980 as a spot to maintain again that family tradition,” Smith said.

Reservations for the next Murder Mystery dinner, that’s set to take place on Saturday, August 19th, are filling up fast. To make a reservation or learn more about Tippecanoe Place, click HERE.

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