6 Chicago teens lead MSP on crazy chase in Berrien County

NOW: 6 Chicago teens lead MSP on crazy chase in Berrien County

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- A routine traffic stop just before 2 o’clock Wednesday morning ended up leading police on a car chase through Berrien County that’s hard to believe.

The car was pulled over on I-94 West for speeding.

According to Michigan State Police, troopers began to approach the vehicle, but before they could get there, it took off.

A chase began.

At first, the car continued along I-94, but then it took exit 28 and looped onto M-139 South.

What happened next gets confusing.

Police said the chase continued on M-139 until it veered off into a residential area in Berrien County.

That’s when police say the car crashed into a vacant home.

On Friday, police said they could not yet say what the address of that home was because the formal report had not been written up yet. And neighbors in the area were unable to point us in the right direction.

But police said three people were taken into custody when the car crashed; but three others ran away.

The crime spree then continued on foot.

That’s when neighbors in the Wyndwicke neighborhood in Royalton Township say the suspects crossed through a wooded path that connects Wyndwicke Drive.

That led them to steal a Buick parked in the driveway of one particular home in the sleepy subdivision.

But their second attempt to drive away was not too successful.

Police said the suspects made it about halfway through the neighborhood before crashing into a cast-iron mailbox, and eventually being arrested.

Incredibly, nobody was injured.

The owner of the Buick did not want to speak on camera, but he said he was surprised to learn his car was involved in the mess.

Luckily, the only damage sustained was a dinged up bumper.

All six suspects are 17 or younger and from Chicago.

The car they were originally pulled over in had been reported stolen from Chicago.

Three of the six suspects are now facing multiple charges, while the other three were released.

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