6th annual Hall of Heroes Comic Con draws thousands to Elkhart


Thousands of heroes, villains, and everything in between teleported to the Northern Indiana Convention Center this weekend for the 6th Annual Hall of Heroes Comic Con. 

Fans of all ages, dressing in cosplay costumes of their favorite characters, buying merchandise from a variety of vendors, and seeing some of their favorite characters and creators like Reb Brown, who played Captain America in the 70s, and Lou Ferrigno the original incredible hulk. 

One first time attendee, breaking down what the convention really means to him, 

"Im cosplaying as link here at Comic Con today, this is my first con and really its not all about the costumes, a lot of people think cons are all about cosplaying, but really its just about having a good time, its about getting merchandise from the shows you love, and just having a good time in general really," said a young man named Wyatt who was dressed as Link. 

Proceeds from the convention will go back to the non-for-profit Hall of Heroes Superhero Museum, which is the largest superhero memorabilia collection in the world, and is home to many historic costumes, props, and comics, including the Captain America shield used to film the Avengers, signed by the entire cast. 

Many already preparing or the next convention March 3, 2024. You can check out the hall of Heroes Museum in Elkhart County to see their collection until then. 

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