6th Annual Middle School All-Star game brings the community together

NOW: 6th Annual Middle School All-Star game brings the community together

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Players from Michiana brought their A game to showcase in front of the community, while parents showed how important it is to support the youth.

The 6th annual Middle School All-Star event, organized by Brian Foster, has been a highly anticipated showcase.

"I mean it's everything man getting these kids from different communities you know in the Michigan area together to play at an elite level, the game of basketball man all their hard work their families, being able to see them compete in front of a big crowd and see that support. It means everything," Foster said.

SOT: -William Douglas: Gentlemen & Scholar-

"I think what it's all about is confidence. So one thing this this this event does, it brings the whole community together so not only do you celebrate the scholar athletes, but the parents and community as well me personally," William Douglas of Gentlemen & Scholar added.

The community packed the house at the Charles Black Center and for good reason.

Parents were able to give their children something to look forward to, other than the alternative.

"Me personally, I mean, my pops wasn't there. So, I mean this, seeing all this is like kind of new, so I mean, I'm definitely liking it. I think it's important, I mean it gives me something else to do to you know, be at home on a game or you know, in the streets," said Demarkus Wiliams, who's son participated.

"Got a lot of negative things that goes out in the community. There's gun violence, there's, you know, a plethora of things that goes on and being able to have some positive for these kids to look forward to come out and compete, was amazing," Foster added.

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