90 ft. tree splits in half in South Bend after severe weather

NOW: 90 ft. tree splits in half in South Bend after severe weather


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Storm damage took a toll on the Michiana area, including in South Bend.

“Let’s get it before it hurts somebody,” Owner of Temple Tree Service, Walt Temple said.

What was once a 90 foot tree,  has now  been removed from the Harvest Pointe neighborhood in South Bend after the severe weather left the area damaged.

“If she hadn’t called me when she did, it would have been a very hard job because I would’ve had to take it off of that neighbor’s house,” Temple said.

Temple has been in the business for 56 years and in all his years, the damage was more than usual.

“It was a little bit higher than normal,” Temple said.

Severe storms and high wind speeds on Monday left a tree split completely in half.

Surrounding neighbors could also be seen picking up the pieces from the storm.

The incident was a close call for neighbor Jim Bajdek.

“A bit scary if it came down on our house, yeah because it was closer to our….because when I talked to some people they said ‘Yeah, the tree would’ve fell my way and not the neighbor’s way,’” Bajdek said.

Bajdek has been living in the neighborhood for nearly six years and other than a bad hail storm several years back, the damage does not compare.

“It's the first time it’s been this windy like this since then,” Bajdek said.

For Bajdek, the chance of the 90 foot tree falling was one experience he never wanted to relive.

“Because I had a tree fall before on another house and I know how scary that is,” Bajdek recalled.

Bajdek said he is glad to see the tree be removed before it could cause any more damage.

“Yeah, that’s very grateful that they decided to take the tree down instead of you know, taking the chance and just trimming it, and have the next storm come through and have it fall,” Bajdek said.

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