New accusations against Berrien County deputies from former inmates

NOW: New accusations against Berrien County deputies from former inmates

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. - Five new women are accusing three new guards of abusing them in the Berrien County jail.

This comes after two other groups of women have made similar claims.

ABC 57 first broke the story about allegations against guards in September 2015.

The first lawsuit filed by ten former inmates in April of last year.

In October 2016, four other former inmates filed a similar suit.

The latest suit was filed Monday, and one of the newly named accused is a survivor of the Berrien County Courthouse shooting, James Atterberry.

Otis Clark and Megan Kuntz are also accused in the new lawsuit.

According to Sheriff Paul Bailey, Atterberry, Clark and Kuntz are all still employed at the jail.

Bailey says he has not been served the latest complaint.

Former deputies John McCoy and Brett McGrew are also mentioned in the latest lawsuit.

They are accused of sexual assaulting inmates and instructing them to commit sexual acts on camera.

Atterberry, Kuntz and Clark are accused of requesting sexual favors and other forms of sexual assault.

The women are asking for $300,000 total in damages from the three deputies, two former deputies, and the county.

This makes a total of 19 women alleging guards mistreated them at the Berrien County Jail, and seven guards or former guards facing accusations.

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