Rising waters causing beaches to shrink

The start of Summer is officially here and many are flocking to the beaches to cool off. You might want to go early to grab a spot; there is actually less room on the beach.

The Great Lakes have seen above average precipitation causing the water levels to rise. Experts say they are expected to continue increasing, reaching their highest levels since 1996-1998.

Lake Michigan water levels are 13 inches above the monthly mean for June. That is 5.07 trillion gallons of water more than the mean! Although that sounds like a lot, it is still 19 inches below the highest recorded level back in 1986.

US Army Corps of Engineers

While for most this just means less available beach along the lakeshore, it could cause problems for some that live along Lake Michigan. Those that live right along the beach have an increased risk for lakeshore flooding and beach erosion with higher lake levels.

Water levels are expected to rise through the early fall and could increase up to 8 more inches.

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