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A crumbling culvert declared as an emergency situation in St. Joe County


Crumbling culverts across Michiana have buckled and now there’s another failure happening in rural St. Joseph County.

Tuesday morning at the St. Joe County Commissioners meeting a topic came up that wasn’t on the agenda.

County engineer, Jessica Clark said there was an emergency situation that needed to be addressed.

“We as the Commissioners support to declare an emergency situation to replace a failing culvert on Tyler Road,” said Clark.

Declaring it an emergency speeds up the reconstruction time line. This failing culvert, on Tyler Road near Linden Road, is wide and very deep and just beside it cracks are starting to show up.

All commissioners voted unanimously to pass this incident as an emergency and now Clark says it’s a matter of picking the right company to do the job.

“Process of soliciting contractors to receive quotes and get the work completed,” she adds. ?

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