A dating profile photo with a cat will land you in the litter box

According to a study from the Colorado State University, men with a cat in their dating profile photo are less likely to get the approval by women. 

The study had scientists show hundreds of women photos side by side photos of the same man. One of the man pictured with a cat and one without their furry friend.

The photos used in the study, which revealed women favored pictures of the men without cats.

The results showed that men pictured with cats were picked noticeable less than without the furry feline. 

The author of the study wrote,  

After a picture was displayed, the participants were asked to rate the man on several attributes. These attributes included the 11 items that comprise the BFI-10 (Big Five Inventory, short version) to assess the big five personality dimensions (Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness). These attributes include the following:

  • Is reserved;
  • Is generally trusting;
  • Tends to be lazy;
  • Is relaxed, handles stress well;
  • Has few artistic interests;
  • Is outgoing, sociable;
  • Tends to find fault with others;
  • Does a thorough job;
  • Gets nervous easily;
  • Has an active imagination;
  • Is considerate and kind to almost everyone.

The next time you're choosing the perfect dating profile picture, you may want to think twice about having your cat in it if you want to get the swipe right. 

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