A family and community march for justice

ELKHART, Ind. -- A grieving Elkhart family took to the streets, marching for justice. The Perez family says they are relieved that 18-year-old Miguel Martinez has been charged with 26-year-old Anthony Perez's murder, but they still want justice.

Dozens of people marched, prayed, and cried for Anthony Perez.

"I miss him and we are never going to forget about him," said Karina Medrano, a family friend.

"He was important to me, not only to me, but to my son," said Celia Cerrato.

"Anthony can’t speak, my son is dead, but we are here to ask for justice for him," said Anthony's mother Maria Botello.

Botello says it is impossible to have closure until justice is served.

"I cannot sleep, I am living a nightmare every night, every day," said Botello.

Perez’s life-long friend and mother of two of Anthony's children, Julie Morris, made every single one of the posters.

"We have not forgot about Anthony, no matter how much time has passed," said Morris.

Morris stands strong for her kids, but she says her heart breaks every time her kids ask where their father is.

"His kids have to go through this pain every day. I am just mad because it should have never happened," said Morris.

Botello says the march was not just about her son, but also about being a voice for other mothers who are in pain.

"There are a lot of moms that barely speak English, sometimes they do not have legal papers to be in the United States so they are afraid to talk," said Botello.

Through the heartache, the Perez family is remaining positive hoping the end of this investigation is near.

"I have a hope in my heart that prosecutor and detectives are doing their job," said Botello.

Despite the initial arrest, the prosecutor’s office says this is still an on-going investigation.

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