A grandmother sang 'Happy Birthday' to herself in a heartwarming video while quarantined due to the coronavirus

A video of Norma Gregorio singing happy birthday to herself that her granddaughter posted to TikTok reached 9 million views. By Alaa Elassar, CNN

(CNN) -- Who needs a birthday party when you've got your own company? Definitely not this grandma.

Most people spending their birthdays at home due to coronavirus-related social distancing restrictions aren't too happy about it. But Norma Gregorio, who turned 88 on March 25, sees nothing sad about a solo birthday celebration.

"Since we could not physically bring her a cake for her birthday because of the virus, and at her age we don't want to risk anything by going to visit her, we ordered a cake made out of flowers online," her granddaughter, Jessica Kerrigan, told CNN. "She decided to record herself and she sent us the video."

When she received the cake from her family, Gregorio lit up the candles, sang "Happy Birthday" to herself, and emailed them the video. Kerrigan said she found the video "so cute and sweet" she posted it on TikTok. Within a week, it reached over 9 million views.

The adorable video started with Gregorio saying she was "all alone" and no one could visit her because of the virus, but it wasn't going to stop her from enjoying her special day. After singing her birthday song, Gregorio made a wish before blowing out her candles.

While she wanted to have her family around her, Gregorio said she was more than happy with her gifts, cards, and most especially, "the gift of another day."

"I start the morning saying, 'Thank you God for giving me this day to live through,' because each day is a life in itself," Gregorio told CNN. "Especially when you're 88. You have to live it fully, completely, and just live in the moment. To be old, every day is a gift."

For anyone who feels bad that Gregorio had to celebrate her birthday alone, the young soul has a very simple message.

"I'm always happy," she said. "It's easier to smile than to frown. You look around and you see those frown lines, they're ugly. But smile lines? They're beautiful. So I'm always, always, always happy."

As for the cake, Gregorio added that she was "very, very" disappointed to find out it was literally made out of only flowers.

"There wasn't even a slice hidden beneath the flowers. I looked, darling, I looked. Anyways, once this is over, let's share a coke or a glass of wine on my terrace. How does that sound?"

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