A mother's labor of love

Sheri Bradway started 'A Quilt for Mothers Tears' after losing her son in the line of duty.

She first used quilting as therapy to help her heal from that devastating loss.

Two years ago her son Rod Bradway was killed in the line of duty while working as a police officer in Indianapolis.

September 20th 2013, he was shot in the chest during a domestic disturbance call.

Sheri says there is no guarantee anyone working on the force will come home.

“Every officer, and I don't care where they are, what part of the country, when they put that uniform on and they walk out the door to go to their shift. They never know if they are going to come home.”

As Sheri lets time mend the pieces of her broken heart. She's working to comfort other mothers with hours upon hours of cross-stitching and painstaking needlework.

With each end of watch date sewn onto a quilt, she feels as if that child is her own.

“Mothers are forgotten, I wont let that happen. That's what started 'A Quilt for Mothers Tears.'”

Each day, from morning until night, in her basement with the help of volunteers, she creates quilts for women she's never met.

“Those are now part of my family which is blue line family.”

Sheri has one hope for each and every one of them.

“Maybe their grief will change and it won't stay in that dark deep loss, and they'll look at what he accomplished in life, what they did with their life."

It is police week in Washington DC, and Thursday. Sheri presented quilts to dozens of mothers there.

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There will be an auction October 3rd at Historic Amish Acres in Nappanee. Sheri will be auctioning off a quilt she has made and the proceeds will go to 'A Quilt for Mothers Tears.'

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