A new reason to quit smoking: Cold, hard cash

Now it really pays to quit smoking! 

You can now register for a contest that challenges people to quit.  The payout is cash prizes and it can be up to $2,500.

You have to have quit smoking by Oct. 1 and be smoke-free through Oct. 31.  Winners will be chosen at random and tested.

What happens when you quit smoking?  It improves your health immediately, and reduces your chance for heart disease over time.

Within 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse levels will return to normal.

Within 72 hours, your chance for a heart attack drops.  Your body begins to adjust; and your sense of smell and taste return.

Within three months, your lung capacity increases and your risk for heart attack decreases.

Within one year, your risk for heart attack is cut in half.  Importnat lung growth begins, increasing your ability to fight infections.

Within five years, your heart disease death rate will drop to the rate for non-smokers.

Stop smoking now, improve your health, and win cash!  To enter the contest, click

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