A pair of Notre Dame offensive linemen reflect on their unique journey to the NFL combine

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind – Joe Alt and Blake Fisher were the anchors holding down each end of the o-line for the last three years. Now the duo hopes to enter the NFL together, the same way they entered Notre Dame.

Standing at 6’8", Alt comes from a lineage of ball players. His father, John, played 13 seasons in the NFL for the Kansas Chiefs, after being drafted 21st overall in 1984.

Alt has the same hype surrounding him after three seasons in South Bend, with Notre Dame. 

“You know, I've been raised in a football family my whole life, watched it, my brother does it. Obviously, my dad did it. So, I love the game of selling myself and my competitive nature. I take a lot of pride and like I said earlier, like the refusal to lose mindset,” Alt said.

In comparison to Joe’s father, the path is almost too good to be true. Joe, much like his father, played tight end in high school, until he hit a growth spurt. Now, he’s ranked one of the best exterior linemen in the draft.

“You know, my dad actually did the same thing I did, he played tight end his first two years of college and ended up playing offensive line, so he was the one who told me to play tight end,” Alt added.

Joe’s been around the game since he was young. His view on the game has been molded, but he doesn’t gatekeep. Instead, Alt is sharing the experience with his former teammate and combine roommate Blake Fisher, who just so happens to be in his hometown at the 2024 NFL combine.

“I mean, it's a blessing to be here. Great opportunity. You know, I've been around Mom and Dad and saw him a couple of times,” Fisher said.

Before becoming a true freshman at Notre Dame, Fisher attended Avon High School, in Indianapolis, Ind.

The right tackle stands at 6’6" and is expected to have his dreams come true of being drafted, in the third or fourth round.

“Just being back at home was pretty comfortable, you know, being here. And it's exciting. You know, it's been a journey. But, you know, we're here now,” Fisher mentioned.

The duo will compete in the offensive lineman drills on Sunday, March 3. The final day of this year’s NFL combine.

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