A rescuer's warning: Think twice before gifting ducklings, chicks and bunnies this Easter

A rescuer’s warning: Think twice before gifting ducklings, chicks and bunnies this Easter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Easter is this weekend and rescuers are issuing a warning tonight to think twice about buying a cute chick or duckling.

The sad truth is most of these cute little ducklings and bunnies may be cute for pictures and fun for the kids, but they grow fast and require lots of attention.

Experts who work closely with these animals say leaving them on the side of the road or in a pond could be a death sentence.

“It’s impulse,” Matt Lyson said. He owns the Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary in Plymouth, Mich. “They see it, they want it, it’s all about me it’s never about the duck.”

Lyson said people should know one thing before buying small animals this Easter season…

“It’s destined to be dead if you throw it out in the wild.”

Each year around Easter time, Lyson gets dozens of calls each day at his duck sanctuary. He said he’s heard all the excuses in the book.

“Oh gosh it’s one of those where when you think you’ve heard them all, the next day is another story,” Lyson said.

‘It’s gotten too big’ or ‘I don’t have enough time’ are some of the common excuses. What Lyson wants people to realize is that these animals are as big of a commitment as cats and dogs and they want love and attention too.

“It’s more ignorance in the purchase just not learning about them,” Lyson said. “They associate the bunny and duck with Easter for some ungodly reason.”

That’s why he suggests people not buy and fuzzy or feathery creatures this Easter before they do their research. He said one of the worst things people do is drop of the animals on the sides of the roads once they decide they no longer want them.

 “That’s a sure death sentence with a matter of just even days if they make it that long.”

Lyson’s sanctuary is one of the only rescues nearby that accepts duck surrenders. He’s about a two-and-a half hour drive from South Bend but he will gladly accept the ducks no matter how far you are coming from.

If you have a chick or bunny the Humane Society will accept them.

If you received another small animal this Easter season, Heartland Animal Clinic also accepts applications for surrenders of any small animal.

Not all applications will be accepted but it’s a better option than abandoning an animal.

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