A Rosie Place new 'Power the Season' initiative expected to bring exciting changes

NOW: A Rosie Place new ’Power the Season’ initiative expected to bring exciting changes


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Following a difficult year of fundraising for many nonprofits, a Rosie Place’s new concept is on track to bring some exciting changes to their facility, and as a result even more children and families will be positively impacted.

A Rosie Place is the first and only specialty hospital in the state of Indiana exclusively for children who are medically fragile, meaning a child who requires daily care by specially trained caregivers.

The nonprofit provides a ‘home away from home’ for children from 92 different counties. At no cost, children can spend up to 10 nights at a Rosie Place. The staff of medically trained registered nurses give a haven for children to come to while providing family members periods of relief from the demands of 24 hour care.

Now, the ‘Power the Season’ initiative is focusing on improving their care and further expanding a Rosie Place. Each season will be funded by a single investor with a 6 figure gift. The process will be for 5 years, with an end total of 20 investors.

The large donation requires trust among investors and a Rosie Place, but these large gifts are expected to move the needle to where the nonprofit hopes to be.

“Power the season will end up having four investors each year, for five years, for a total of 20 investors, so this season is already powered. All of 2021 is our first season of our first year and that gift was given by the Schwartz Wiekamp Foundation,” says Tieal Bishop, CEO at a Rosie Place for Children. “So everything we put out, all of the stuff that we were able to do, like we already made all of outside sidewalks wheelchair accessible which was huge, held family events, we have been able to create so many things, even our new power the season logo, all of that is powered by the Schwartz Wiekamp foundation.”

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