A snow plow ride to kick off the storm

ELKHART, Ind.-- As the road conditions continue to get worse, the plows keep working harder.

The Indiana Toll Road began working on the roads before the snow even started to fall. Once the white stuff started falling, they picked up the speed and kicked into gear.

Because passengers have to pay to use the toll road, maintenance crews say they take their job very seriously.

"People rely on us to make the road safe," said Jim Owens, a snow plow driver for the toll road.

We took a ride with Owens to see what goes into keeping the pavement clean and safe.

He works a 7 mile stretch of the toll road, making loops east and then west. Stopping every now and then to refill his truck with sand and salt from the maintenance sheds.

He said the 12 hours shifts can be rough, but you have to really love your job.

"Now  it's probably the adrenaline rush i get from being out here," said Owens. "I like being out here and I like being part of a team that is like a well oiled machine in a situation like this. Ya know, we all help each other out. It's just... i don't know. i think it's the adrenaline, I like the adrenaline rush."

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