A special trunk or treat for children who still deserve to participate

NOW: A special trunk or treat for children who still deserve to participate


ELKHART, Ind -- Traditionally kids think of candy when it comes to trick or treating season but what about children who can't eat the candy?

This was a special event for the kids who love to dress up but can't have what we know as a normal trick or treating.

Saturday marked the third annual Michiana food trunk or treat.

An event that was put together by a mother who wanted to make a difference.

"I started the event in honor of my son who has food allergies and where trick or treating is just not safe for him because he can’t have candy," said Owner of Michiana Food Free Trunk or Treat Jamie Stuck

Food allergies is just one reason for this event Jamie wanted to reach as many people as possible.

"In honor of children with like feeding tubs and autism and other medical conditions that don’t allow them to actually participate in having food," said Stuck.

Trunk or treat bringing together the community with the help of local organizations like the Michiana Girls Scouts, The Elkhart Environmental Center and volunteers.

"So, I really love working with kids and just making them happy. That’s the main thing is for us to make the kids happy," said volunteer Jayson Chestnut.

Jamie and her support system not only making kids happy and feel included but giving parents joy too.

"On Halloween we go trick or treating and stuff but since he’s on a feeding tube he doesn’t really do do anything with the candy. And I felt like they finally had something for him. You know something for children who don’t eat or have food allergies to trick or treat and get things that he can play with. I thought it was so cool so I came from South Bend," said parent Clarice Davis.

"Yea it’s amazing how much fun everyone is having today and to see these kids, their faces just light up with the fact that they actually get to do a trick or treat," said Stuck.

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