A taste of Flavor 574: Fall festivals getting underway

Although the thermometer is still reading temperatures that make it feel like early summer, fall festivals are getting underway.

Marshall County's annual Blueberry Festival kicks off this weekend. Thursday is the last day to buy mega passes, but admission to the fest is free.

A must-eat treat from the festival is the blueberry doughnut.

If you're interested in more ethnic food, then you might want to consider taking part in Mishawaka's Heritage Festival. Six restaurants are serving up signature cultural dishes in Central Park on Labor Day from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Also happening this weekend: Elkhart's South Side Family Fun Fest. The Sunday outdoor party is a chance to support kids in the community.

For $25, grill masters can enter into a barbecue cook-off to help grill 500 pounds of rib tips. Proceeds from the cook-off help fund trips for area children to visit historically black universities and colleges.

Last year 10 people entered. This year, organizers of the fun fest say they're hoping for 20 entries.

For more information on these fests, and others, happening in Michiana in the coming weeks, check out Flavor 574's article here.

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