A taste of Flavor 574: LaSalle Grill celebrates 25 years

25 Years for LaSalle Grill

A lot's changed in the past quarter of a century, but the fine dining traditions that were cemented into place at LaSalle Grill in 1991 have not.

Restaurant staff have served up more than a million meals since their opening night. But at LaSalle Grill, it's not about quantity, but quality; case in point, the restaurant's the only one in the Hoosier state to have received 20 AAA Four Diamond Awards for Excellence.

Part of LaSalle Grill's success has stemmed from its adaptability. Over the years, the owners have created a drink menu that's grown to include some of the best bourbons in the world. The menus and atmosphere have changed, too, while keeping the restaurant's fine dining reputation in tack. Read more about it, and how the owners are celebrating 25 years in South Bend in Flavor 574 columnist Marshall King's story.

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