A Toys for Tots fundraiser with a twist!

NOW: A Toys for Tots fundraiser with a twist!

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Hundreds gathered to raise thousands of dollars for the Toys For Tots program and participants say, it's all for the kids.

What got this toys for tots tournament started is something participants say they will never forget.

"Twelve years ago, a friend of mine started this tournament," said Softball tournament organizer Mike Curry.

After some adversity things nearly came to an end.

"He had two teams the first year, then he got to about four. Thought about giving up and I said this is a great thing we’re doing here, I'll take it over and we’ll continue it on," said Curry.

Since then, the number of people playing has steadily increased. The mission is to always do it for the kids.

"I love giving back. Everybody out here loves giving back so it’s a fantastic cause that we put on each year," said participant Brandon Smith.

Each year the amount of money they hope to raise increases to provide more for the kids.

"Last year we raised just under $21,000, we’re on pace for $22,000 this year," said Curry.

All proceeds going directly to the toys for tots program.

"It gives families in our area that are falling on hard times, having struggles whatever, it gives them an opportunity to give their kids a good Christmas. The kids are, it’s not their fault," said Curry.

For mike giving back to his community especially during the holidays means a lot to him.

"It’s a blessing, it’s an honor, to help give back to the community by doing something that we all love," said Curry.

Mike says they aren’t having any more tournaments this year but they’re always looking to give back and host more tournaments for anybody in need of the help.

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