A very, very snowy winter thus far

NOW: A very, very snowy winter thus far

If you're wondering if there has been a lot of snow this season, you likely aren't alone. This has been an active winter in the snow department thus far. As of February 6th, South Bend has seen its 17th-snowiest winter on record. A whopping 65.5" of snow has fallen in South Bend, but other areas have seen even more than that! La Porte County and Berrien County have many reports of 70-90" of snowfall this season. For South Bend, it will only take 23.3" of additional snow to break into the top three for snowiest winter seasons ever!

It's not just the amount of snow we have seen, either. The number of days that we have had with measurable snowfall is quite high. December and January saw 14 and 15 days, respectively, with measurable snow. If we add February to the mix, there has been measurable snow on 36 of 69 days since December 1st. That means South Bend has recorded snow on roughly 52% of days! 

Since the calendar turned to February, South Bend has seen measurable snow each and every day. It is likely that we add four more days to that streak through the upcoming weekend. That means South Bend will reach 11 straight days of recorded at least 0.1" of snowfall, which is the 7th-longest such streak ever for the city! We won't quite reach the record of 16 straight days, but the first 11 days of February will go down in the books as snowy! 

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