AAA offering free rides to keep impaired drivers off the roads

NOW: AAA offering free rides to keep impaired drivers off the roads


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. --- Nearly 100 million Americans expected to hit the road for the holidays and with the roadways expected to be busy through New Year’s, AAA brought back its annual “Tow to Go” program to help save lives by keeping impaired drivers from behind the wheel.

The program offers free rides and tows to those who’ve been drinking and don’t have a safe way home. In the last two decades officials said it helped keep nearly 25,000 impaired drivers off the roads, which they said will be essential with busy holiday travel season in full swing.

“In Indiana 2.5 million people are going to be traveling of that 2.5 are 2.3 are going to be getting in a car as well, so the roads are going to be very congested for the next couple of days,” said Molly Hart, a Spokesperson for AAA.

Hart said with more travelers on the roads she believes its Tow to Go program will be crucial this holiday season.

“It’s for people who have had too much to drink and are impaired and should not be driving. A tow truck operator will come and provide you a ride and take your car home.”

Alcohol-related deaths jumped last year in both Indiana and Michigan totaling roughly 530 deaths across both states, according to officials.

Which is one of biggest reasons law enforcement said it’s ramping up patrols.

“We’re going to have extra troopers out during the holiday travel season, and that is hopefully to serve as a deterrent because it could potentially be a deadly time of the year,” said Sergeant Ted Bohner with the Indiana State Police.

With millions of drivers expected to be out on the roadways, officials also said it’s important to exercise caution whether you’ve been drinking or not.

“The recipe for having safe travel is always pretty simple. Be a courteous driver wear, a seatbelt buckle-up, and then drive sober,” said Bohner.

“As you’re driving, always keep your eyes on the road. Taking your eyes off the road for two seconds doubles your likelihood of a crash. So, remain focused, do not drink, if you’re driving put that cell phone down and be a responsible driver,” added Hart.

The free tow to go is being offered around south bend and throughout Michigan and will run through January 3rd.

Anyone can get a ride through AAA’s app or by calling 855-2-TOW-2-GO.

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