Abandoned South Bend home catches fire for fourth time in just two months

South Bend, IN – A home in city caught fire for the fourth time Saturday night.

Fire crews rushed to 1617 Carroll Street to find it up in flames again.

The first time the abandoned home caught fire was a couple of months ago, the fire then started by fireworks.

The second fire started because homeless people squatting inside tipped something over that started a fire.

The third fire started in the attic and the cause was never officially determined.

Saturday night’s fire that started before midnight is still under investigation, a cause has not been determined.

The owner of the home died this summer in a tragic accident in Elkhart when a car he was working on fell on him and killed him.

The home on Carroll street is just one of several abandoned homes on the same street that have either caught fire or have been set on fire.

In July ABC 57’s Jason Aubry went in search for answers to find out why the city of South Bend wasn’t doing something proactive to stop the problem.

The city said they don’t have the money to tear down the homes to prevent them from catching fire in the future. Officials told us they were working on a plan but nothing would likely get done this year.



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