ABC57 in Miami: Security at the BCS game

MIAMI – For those Irish fans who are going to Miami for Monday’s game, ABC57 found out what’s being done to keep visitors safe.

There was a lot of activity around the stadium Friday as crews continue to prepare it for the BCS National Championship game.

Detective Michael Wright with Miami Gardens Police Department says they are ready.

"We want our citizens and our visitors to have a very good experience,” said Wright.
Part of that experience boils down to safety – for yourself and your vehicle.

Several locals said the neighborhood around Sun-Life Stadium is dangerous.

'It's not as violent as everyone is depicting the city to be, however our crime is just like everyone else,” said Wright.

Wright says they will be working with the county and federal authorities to keep guests safe--he offers this advice.

"Walk with a partner, don't walk alone and walk in well lit areas not in dark areas,” said Wright.

If you're from out of town, Wright says the path to and from the stadium will be marked and it's best to follow it.

"We will have signs posted on the highway explaining to our visitors the way to the event. We want everyone to stay on that path,” said Wright.

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