ABC57 News Pet of the Week: Meet Nala

NOW: ABC57 News Pet of the Week: Meet Nala

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Thursday is finally here and that means ABC 57’s Pet of the Week is back.

But this week we’re changing things, calling all of our cat lovers or those maybe looking to be a first-time cat mom or dad.

Our first ever cat making an appearance here with us today is Nala.

Nala was surrendered two weeks ago by her previous family due to home relocation.

Nala is about a year old, can be quite feisty and acts like a kitten.

She plays well with others and loves interactive toys to keep her interest peaked.

The South Bend Animal Resource Center Volunteer Coordinator Sue Durski shares one unique trait about Nala.

“Drama queen and queen b for sure, whenever you bring up queen, that's her. She would definitely like to be top cat, would love to be spoiled and for you to treat her like royalty,” Durski said.

Now if you’re interested in meeting Nala, you can visit her in person at the South Bend Animal Resource Center or you visit for more information on how to adopt.

In addition, other cats just like her, have a hard time finding long lasting families to call home.

Durski says last year about 11% of cats were adopted locally and you tend to see about 10 times more dogs adopted than cats.

In May, the shelter only had one cat adoption and so far, two weeks into June, there has been zero applications looking for cats.

Durski says one way to make a difference is by bringing awareness that cats have unique personalities just like their barking four legged friends and you get to see that side when you interact with them first hand.

But, there seems to be an invisible barrier in place for our feline friends.

“There’s that stigma that you could find any stray off the street. The cats here, they did come off the streets and they’re completely vetted, they have time inside so it’s a little more healthy that way, and you’re also supporting the community, that way the next stray has room, has a space to go to and we don’t fill up,” Durski said.

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