ABC57 speaks with Manti Teos mom

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It’s senior week at Notre Dame and it’s the last time the football team’s senior class will take to the field at home. Many of the players have family members in town. While on campus Friday, ABC57 ran into Manti Te’o’s mom and some of his family members.

"I can almost predict lots of tears as I watch my son walk out of that tunnel for the last time,” said Ottilia Te’o, Manti Te’o’s Mom.

For the last 21 years, Ottilia has watched Manti grow into a man who makes an entire university proud-it's hard to imagine how she must feel as his mom.

"Most importantly I think we're just happy for him, to see him accomplish his goal of graduating from Notre Dame and walking out of that tunnel. So I think that's something we're happy, more than happy for him to see his dreams come true,” said Ottilia.

There will be 40 people from the Te'o family watching Manti play his final game at Notre Dame Stadium.

"So, everybody is coming from Hawaii, at least 40 people wanting to wish Manti farewell and farewell to Notre Dame. We've enjoyed it so much and we're so very grateful to the university,” said Ottilia.

While Manti says his goodbyes to the home team fans, the Te'o family will say goodbye to an era.

"Very excited for him, but sad to see it all come to an end,” said Ottilia.

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