ABC57's 'Uprooted' investigation leads to call for action

NOW: ABC57’s ’Uprooted’ investigation leads to call for action

With a massive oak tree decaying at the center of a South Bend neighborhood, an ABC57 investigation pushes city leaders to consider action.

Last week, ABC57 reported on the dangerous situation caused by a 70-foot dying tree on Frederickson street.

Pieces of it have crashed on homes. Neighbors worry their house is next. Property owners have done nothing to remove it.

Following ABC57's investigation, ‘Uprooted’, South Bend common council member Henry Davis, Jr. wants to see the city demolish the tree on its own, then bill the property owners.

An expert ABC57 talked to estimates it would cost $5-600 dollars to remove the tree.

"This is one of the classic cases of benign neglect that we talk about, and how city services is not supporting a certain side of town, or a certain side of the river,” Davis said.

ABC57 reached out to Mayor James Mueller’s office, and is still waiting to hear back. Previously, the city said it has no jurisdiction to remove the tree.

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