Access to Care Day at IUSB

Indiana University South Bend had their second annual Access to Care Day on Saturday.

The event was put on by the Dental Hygiene Program and provided community residents dental care for free.

Student volunteers in the school's Dental Hygiene Program along with volunteer dentists and dental hygienists were in attendance to make the event possible.

“Each person that comes in line, they'll get their blood pressure taken and they think they either need a filling or extraction but then we go a little further with a light and we take a look in their mouth,” said Erin Szweda, a senior in the Dental Hygiene Program.

This event also served as an opportunity for students to help with patients and gain real-world experience while in school.

“It's fast paced, so usually we have four hour appointments here so it kind of isn't as fast as we would normally like but here it's what do you need, we can help you out, we'll put you in each section, and we just keep building from there,” said senior Megan Nelson.

Last year the event served 265 residents and this year the goal this year is to serve 300.

It is first come, first serve and ends at 6 p.m.

Patients will be served at the new clinic on campus which is in the Education and Arts Building located off of Esther Street.

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