Activists gather in South Bend to protest

NOW: Activists gather in South Bend to protest

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Around 30 activists gathered at Navarre Middle School this afternoon and marched down Western Avenue to show solidarity with both the African American communities and Latinx communities.

The protest lasted 2 hours and demonstrators marched the streets; vocalize with signs and chants to shine light on a different change.

“The goal of today is not only black and brown solidarity between the Hispanic and black community, but to protest and try to create a ripple throughout the country to kind of bring back awareness to what’s happening out there,” Activist Wayne Hubbard said.

The change that these activists want to see, an end to migrant children being detained and an end to ICE.

“We can’t forget about the kids, that are in general, the immigrants who are detained in cages,” Organizer Asucena Jimenez said.

“Every human needs to be treated the same, and we’re all human and no one should be treated like that, and as well with the Black Lives Matter’s, we should all be treated with respect as well like anyone else should.”

Jimenez teamed up with the Black Lives Matter group in South Bend to make this demonstration possible, and says that she hopes that uniting peacefully this way will make national changes for all races and ages.

“If we all become united, we all stand, but if we’re divided like we have been for years, decades, centuries, then that’s how we keep falling. And we don’t achieve nothing by being apart or being against each other, but if we respect each other and come together as one, then we can probably make a change and make this world, or even the country a better place to live in,” Jimenez said.

Demonstrators agree and say that they will continue showing their support with their community.

“Blacks are not the only ones suffering, although that is a huge issue that we’re fighting right now, there’s possibly a way we can fight both at the same time,” Hubbard said.

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