Acts of Service continues to expand community connections

NOW: Acts of Service continues to expand community connections

ELKHART, Ind. -- A local effort to connect volunteers with places to serve keeps growing.

Acts of Service connects volunteers with nonprofits, and 21 businesses have already partnered with the resource.

AOS members have logged more than 200 thousand volunteer hours doubling its original goal.

Tuesday morning, 100 local business leaders and decision makers gathered over breakfast to learn how their company can get involved.

Director of Philanthropic Relations for Acts of Service Michilah Grimes says events like this bring awareness for the needs of the community. “There are a lot of these community service hours that people were already donating before Acts of Service was created, but it just brings about awareness and it helps show other companies how easy it is to get involved,” she said.

Leaders of the first three companies that launched the service in 2017 held a panel discussion about the impact of the resource.

Acts of Service connects volunteers with nonprofits, helps groups set team goals, and records volunteer hour all while making a difference in the community.

Lippert Components CEO Jason Lippert came up with the idea for AOS.  “I see and hear the feedback from our people, and the most common comments that I get is you know, “I’ve never served before and going out to the serving event that we had last week transformed me than the people I was there to serve,” or “my kids came along side who have never served before and man, I’m glad we had this opportunity to do that because they may not have gotten the opportunity if I worked at a different company,”” Lippert said.

More than one thousand nonprofits worldwide have benefited.

Loveway Executive Director Shelley Becker presented at the gathering to show how her nonprofit has benefited from the resource. She says there is a need for local volunteers.

“I think that there are almost two thousand nonprofits in Elkhart County. So the need is great whether it’s for children, seniors, or adults. It doesn’t matter the need is everywhere,” Becker said.

Organizers say anyone can get involved with Acts of Service. To learn more or volunteer click here.

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