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Adams High School unveils new football jerseys, safer helmets for players

John Adams High School in South Bend is rolling out a new look for the upcoming football season.

The team, this week, was surprised with brand new uniforms at a fundraising event at the high school.

The new duds come with much needed safety precautions for the players, as well.

Antwon Jones is the Eagles Head Football Coach.

“The kids, they haven’t had new uniforms in a while so we finally found some funds and were able to order them new uniforms,” said Jones.

Senior Eric Williams II plays safety and wide receiver.

“My eyes lit up, my heart started racing, I couldn’t wait to get out there with the new jerseys and look nice for all of south bend,” said Williams II.

With the new uniforms the team will also be sporting new state of the art helmets designed to better protect players from head injuries.

Because they’re pricey, the school is working on getting one for every player.

“It’s an extra area where the shell is giving. So it disperses that energy a little better. Anything we can do for our kids to help with concussions and keep them safe while they are on the field or practice field is what we need to do,” said Jones.

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