Additional police present at North Judson schools due to TikTok trend

Photo provided by the North Judson Police Department.

STARKE COUNTY, Ind. – The North Judson Police Department is ramping up police presence at all schools after a nation-wide TikTok trend that threatens school safety has gone viral.

This trend called, “National Shoot Up School Day” threatens that violence on “every school in the USA, including elementary” on Friday.

This post was part of a national trend and didn’t originate in North Judson.

According to the North Judson Police Department, other districts are aware of the post and it is circulating in their schools too. They are monitoring the situation and are taking it seriously.

The North Judson Police Department has been in contact with the Student Resource Officer and school staff.

The department asks that students should avoid sharing posts online that threaten school safety, even if they aren’t credible. They say in a Facebook post, that these threats can cause a great deal of anxiety for students, staff and families.

The police department asks parents to monitor their child’s social media activity and speak to them about their online behavior.

If you or your child become aware of any threats, you are asked to notify a school staff member or an adult right away. If you see or hear something, say something.

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