ADEC opens art shop in Elkhart County

Art by ADEC opened in Elkhart County. ADEC is a non-profit that serves and advocates for people with disabilities. The new shop is located inside ADEC’s main office in Bristol.
For several years ADEC’s clients in have been sanding, sewing , and painting masterpieces and for years there was never a permanent store to sell their final products.
“A consistent place where our clients work could be viewed we didn’t have”,  says Jess Koscher , Chief Development Officer ADEC. 

Koscher showed off the shop she created inside the former waiting room in ADEC’s main office. 

Previously, art work made by ADEC clients would sporadically be sold but now Art by ADEC, which opened in October, is giving clients even more purpose.
“Not only are they doing something that they feel independent at on their own but they can also get a pay check for it,” says Don Wierenga, the Director of Day Services ADEC.

Wierenga oversees the day programs where 250 clients choose a vocation and now with the new store they are turning their art work into dollar signs.
“Our art work is selling so quickly and our clients are good but one thing they aren’t is fast in their art production,” says Koscher. 

Since the stores opening in October ADEC has sold $3,000 worth of art. 

Half goes back to the clients who made the art and the other half funds the day program.  
“We are impressed every day by what they can do, and it’s nice to see them put their work out and show that they can do something just like anybody else can,” says Wierenga.

For many of the artists using their hands has opened up a new way of communication seen in the necklaces, wall art and scarves sold in the store. 

ADEC is hoping the products bought builds a new appreciation for their clients. 

“This came from ADEC this came from a client out of ADEC who has an intellectual disability how great is that to spread this story and show the quality of work that our clients can do that helps them be a part of our community and that’s our dream here that’s exactly what we want,” says Koscher.

Art by ADEC is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There will be Saturday hours as the holidays approach.  

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