Administration addresses Benton Harbor High's heat issues

The students of Benton Harbor High School are out of their element this week; and it's all thanks to winter weather.

Since Monday, more than half of the school's classrooms are cold and the heat in the hallways is absent, all the while students are still required to attend.

"Well of course you want a learning environment that is conducive for students to achieve at the highest level at all times, but sometimes glitches come," said Kristine Simons, Assistant Superintendent for Benton Harbor Area Schools.

Simons says the issue is really a two-pronged problem: On one end, they're dealing with an old boiler system in need of repair. Meanwhile, on the other end is technology.

"We have switched to a computerized system to regulate the heat in individual classrooms and we have found out that there is still some work that needs to be done,” said Simons.

Simons says the next step is regaining control of the classrooms' temperature, a task that could take some time.

"We are well aware of what the problems are and we are trying to address it as soon as possible,” said Simons. “We're on it, but it takes a little while to get these problems resolved. It's still uncomfortable, I understand that and recognize that, but it should not have a major long-lasting impact on their learning."
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