Advice from INDOT as freezing rain could make for dangerous driving conditions

NOW: Advice from INDOT as freezing rain could make for dangerous driving conditions

GRANGER, Ind. --- As the Michiana area sees freezing rain come down on Saturday night, there are major safety concerns that arise when it comes to people driving in those conditions.

Rick Fedder at Indiana Toll Road explained there is a big difference between driving in the snow versus the freezing rain.

“When we have snowfall, regular snowfall without ice, it’s much easier to drive in,” he said. “The plows can obviously push the snow off the road, and lay the salt down. The problem is with freezing rain, which is what we’re going to have this evening”.

Along with following the basic rules of the road and only driving if you really need to, Fedder explained there are things you can do to prepare in case of an emergency.

“If you do have to go on the roads, make sure to pack an emergency kit, have some blankets, have some extra water,” he said. “Make sure you at least have a half tank of fuel in your vehicle, that way if you do slide off the road, whether it’s on the toll road or any other road, before help can get to you, you got enough fuel to keep your car running, keep you warm. You got some water to drink, maybe a little food to eat as well.”

As freezing rain continues to move throughout the area, crews with the Indiana Toll Road are out in full force. They are hoping to prevent accidents, but if something happens, they will be there to help.

“We’re going to keep doing our best, we’re going to keep salting the roads, we’re going to have our crews out until this event is done,” he said. “But you have to do your part as a driver, and that’s slow down and give yourself some time.”

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